Saltside Technologies

Saltside Technologies develops and operates websites in emerging markets, with a special preference for online classified sites. We have 4 of them - in Sri Lanka, in Bangladesh, in Ghana, and in Pakistan. The first 3 are the biggest classified sites in their markets.

At Saltside Technologies we believe that there's a wonderful opportunity to build valuable online products and businesses in emerging markets. In these countries, the vast majority of people will come online for the first time in the coming years, when cheap cell phones and low cost Internet access become available to the masses. We think they should be greeted by quality software and services.

Our team is spread out across our markets, with an office in each country we are operating in and in Dubai, UAE. Our development team sits in Gothenburg, Sweden, and it's the cold, salty water outside Gothenburg that has given our company its name.

Saltside Technologies is backed by Investment AB Kinnevik.
Brogatan 1, 413 01 Göteborg, Sweden