Meet The Team


Nils Hammar

Chief Executive Officer

Nils Hammar started his career as one of the first employees at Skype, working with product development and marketing. In 2007 he co-founded Kindo, a social network for the family, which was later acquired by Nils co-founded Saltside in 2011, has a degree from Stockholm School of Economics, and he likes tennis.

Sebastian Dahlgren

Chief Technology Officer

Sebastian has a long background in building highly scalable systems in many different roles. Before joining Saltside he was a technical leader working on Artificial Intelligence within e-commerce. He has a strong background as an engineer and has been contributing a lot to open source projects.He has a strong passion for emerging markets. Today he lives in Sweden, but he has previously lived in both Cambodia and India.Sebastian is leading our technology teams.

Infas Iqbal

Chief Marketing Officer

Infas has more than 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing. He joined Saltside in 2014 and was prior to that working for a global digital agency [email protected] driving digital marketing strategies & executions for Multinational Companies from multiple industries. Infas Iqbal holds Business Administration degree from Staffordshire University, UK

Alexander Löwbäck

Managing Director

Prior to joining Saltside/, Alexander ran his own E-commerce startup with its own production facility in Sri Lanka. The team consisted of 20+ staff in Sweden and Sri Lanka. Before becoming an entrepreneur Alexander worked as an investment banker in Stockholm focusing on M&A transactions. Alexander holds a BsC from Stockholm School of Economics, the #1 ranked business school in Scandinavia.

Zubair Riaz

Managing Director

Zubair has more than 10 years of experience in managing operations, strategy, sales, project management and customer support. He joined Saltside in 2012 and before becoming the Managing Director of, he was responsible for designing, implementing and auditing group’s operational policies. Prior to joining Saltside he lead business outsourcing, sales and customer support teams for Telenor, Vodafone, and Samsung.

Eshita Sharmin

Co-Managing Director

Eshita Sharmin has more than 13 years of experience in various fields of Marketing and Sales. She is a seasoned marketing professional and has played key roles within the Saltside group since 2012. She poses extensive Marketing, Communication, Innovation, Strategic Planning and Business development experience across Telecom and internet industry. She started her career with one of the first telecom companies in Bangladesh overseeing their core product marketing and innovations. She has also worked in the Middle East & North Africa region providing customised business solution in the field of Sales and Marketing.Eshita was one of the first ten employees of Saltside and the first employee of She has a BBA (major in Marketing & HR) from North South University, Bangladesh.

Rakesh Bhardwaj

Head of Finance

Rakesh is an experienced finance professional with 11+ years’ experience in building and leading the high-performance finance organization. He has expertise in handling complex finance, accounting, and taxation matters. Before joining Saltside he led the finance and accounting functions in the region for MNCs. He joined Saltside in 2016 and currently holds Head of Finance responsibility for Saltside Group. He loves traveling and playing Cricket.

Our Values

At Saltside, we agreed to five values that we will follow. Values help us know what to expect from people we work with everyday. We believe that if we work according to these values, we will achieve great things.